Human-animal interaction and training

This session covers a brief history of the cat and identifies different uses of cats throughout human history.

We explore the importance of the human/animal bond before looking at learning theory along with both the reasons for and methods of training. We finish by looking at desensitisation and its use at Cats Protection.

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  • Uses of cats throughout history
  • The human-animal bond
  • Learning theory
  • Habituation and socialisation
  • Desensitisation and flooding
  • Positive reinforcement and punishment

Level 1

  • Assist with the movement and handling of small animals

Level 3

  • Human and animal interaction
  • Animal behaviour

Level 4

  • Anthrozoology
  • Animal behaviour in society

Level 1 

  • Assist with the movement, handling and accommodation of animals
  • Assist with handling and restraint of animals
  • Animals in the wild and in society

Level 2

  • Introduction to the principles and practices of animal behaviour and handling

Level 3

  • Understand animal welfare and breed development
  • Undertake kennel and cattery management
  • Undertake animal training
  • Animal behaviour
  • Animal welfare
  • Companion animal handling and first aid
  • Specialist animal care – small mammals
  • Animals in society
  • Applied companion animal behaviour

What learners have taken away from this session

Really in-depth session that allowed us to see the difference between positive and negative training methods as well as some myths surrounding cats
Sessions are very engaging, with videos and questions, I have learned a lot more about the training side of things as it will be quite helpful within the future.
It was really fun and interactive. We had so much fun. Thank you
Today I learned that I need to be more aware of how my behaviour and reactions affect all my animals due to the associations that are made whether it be negative or positive.
I was unaware how much of the public still believed that black cats were bad luck, and I was happy about the emphasis the CP puts on not using punishment.