Rehome or Reunite?

Every year we reunite many cats with their owners, thanks to microchipping.

Download our rehome or reunite activity pack and discover some of the real life stories of cats we have helped.

For our interactive activity, you'll need a phone with a camera or QR code scanner - it's your job to scan the cats and help them be reunited with their families, or find them a home.

Download the activity pack

What is microchipping?

Microchips help us to return lost cats to their owners. A vet can put a tiny microchip under the skin at the back of a cat’s neck.

It doesn’t hurt and means the cat can be scanned with a special scanner (like at the supermarket) and returned home to their owner. Chips are safe and permanent, unlike collars which can get caught in branches and can come off.

Microchipping and keeping a cat’s microchip details up to date gives organisations like Cats Protection a better chance of reuniting them with their owner.

How to use the activity pack

You are a Cat Care Assistant at your local adoption centre. Over the past few days several lost cats have been brought into the centre. Can you reunite them with their owners?

Using a QR reader or camera on your phone, scan the code on each cat to see if they have a microchip. As you reveal details about each cat, it will help you fill out their information sheet and hopefully find their owners.

Not every cat brought into Cats Protection has a microchip. Sometimes the owner has moved and not changed the contact details on the microchip. This makes finding a lost cat’s home much harder. If you find any cats that cannot be reunited with their owner, why not complete the found cat poster to help reunite the cat with their owner?

Remember, this is just for fun. Although the cats featured in this activity are real, thankfully they have all been safely reunited or rehomed. So there’s no need to display your found cat poster in real life!

Download the activity pack