What is neutering?



Did you know?

Did you know that one female cat can have up to three litters of kittens a year, with five or six kittens in each? That adds up to 18 in one year – a lot of cats to care for!

While having lots of kittens to care for might sound like fun, it can make the mother cat feel unhappy and stressed. Can you imagine having to look after 18 kittens?

Because cats can have many kittens over their lifetime, making sure they are neutered is very important.

What is neutering?

Neutering is a special operation. It stops female cats from getting pregnant and male cats from making female cats pregnant. The simple operation is performed by the vet and doesn’t hurt the cat. In most cases, the cat will be ready to go home the same day. The cat might feel a bit tired afterwards and need lots of rest to recover.

When should a cat be neutered?

Cats Protection recommends that kittens are neutered at around four months of age or younger. This is because cats can have kittens when they are still kittens themselves. By having the operation done when the kitten is young, there is less chance that the cat will have unwanted kittens.

Why is neutering important?

There are lots of cats and kittens in the world already, with not enough people to care for them. Making sure cats are neutered means there will be less unwanted cats.

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