Casper's Christmas hub

Welcome to Cats Protection's Christmas hub, where you'll find lots of activities and videos to enjoy. Have you watched our christmas animation, featuring lucky cat Casper and his friend Daniel? Perhaps you'd like to imagine where Casper went on his magical journey?

Download our colouring sheet to scribble on, watch some of our christmas videos from previous years and don't forget to join us on christmas eve, where we'll have a special read-along before bedtime.

Watch our christmas animation

What is microchipping?

Just like in Casper’s Magical Journey, microchips help us to return lost cats to their owners.

The vet can put a tiny microchip under the skin at the back of the cat’s neck.

It doesn’t hurt and means the cat can be scanned (like at the supermarket) and returned home to their owner.

They are safe and permanent, unlike collars which can get caught in branches and can come off.