Feline Focus - learning resources for secondary age +

Aspiring animal behaviourist or seeking another career with cats? Our Feline Focus packs are ideal for students aged 11+

What are the Feline Focus packs?

Looking for some feline focus? Our dedicated education packs are specifically designed for ages 11+. The packs include focused worksheets, activities and even moments of mindfulness for scheduled study breaks. 

  • There are two packs to complete - our 'Five welfare needs' pack focuses on cat behaviour and care, while the 'Cats and careers' pack centres on working within an animal charity. Once you've completed each pack, there's even a certificate for you to print off.
  • To download each pack, click on the icons below. You'll find all the videos and activities needed in our library too - as well as our career quiz to help you decide where you might fit in at Cats Protection.

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